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   2019| October-December  | Volume 13 | Issue 4  
    Online since September 5, 2019

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Combined PENG and LFCN blocks for postoperative analgesia in hip surgery-A case report
Ahmed Thallaj
October-December 2019, 13(4):381-383
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_299_19  PMID:31572090
  4,428 393 10
Efficacy of low dose bupivacaine with intrathecal fentanyl for cesarean section on maternal hemodynamic: Systemic review and meta-analysis
Semagn Mekonnen Abate, Akine Eshete Belihu
October-December 2019, 13(4):340-351
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_17_19  PMID:31572080
  3,781 494 4
Quality of recovery in elderly patients with postoperative delirium
Daniela Cristelo, Monica Nunes Ferreira, Joao Sarmento e Castro, Ana Rita Teles, Marta Campos, Fernando Abelha
October-December 2019, 13(4):285-289
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_747_18  PMID:31572070
  3,913 360 3
Role of IVC collapsibility index to predict post spinal hypotension in pregnant women undergoing caesarean section. An observational trial
Yudhyavir Singh, Rahul K Anand, Stuti Gupta, Sumit Roy Chowdhury, Souvik Maitra, Dalim K Baidya, Akhil K Singh
October-December 2019, 13(4):312-317
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_27_19  PMID:31572075
  3,744 491 3
Is positive publication bias really a bias, or an intentionally created discrimination toward negative results?
Hunny Sharma, Swati Verma
October-December 2019, 13(4):352-355
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_124_19  PMID:31572081
  3,894 208 6
Severe skin extravasation injury following intravenous injection of potassium chloride
Freda C Richa, Viviane R Chalhoub, Christine F El-Hage, Patricia H Yazbeck
October-December 2019, 13(4):397-398
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_451_19  PMID:31572100
  3,548 140 2
Comparison of efficacy of ultrasound-guided pectoral nerve block versus thoracic paravertebral block using levobupivacaine and dexamethasone for postoperative analgesia after modified radical mastectomy: A randomized controlled trial
Ashwini Siddeshwara, Geeta Singariya, Manoj Kamal, Kamlesh Kumari, Satyanarayan Seervi, Rakesh Kumar
October-December 2019, 13(4):325-331
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_25_19  PMID:31572077
  3,218 277 16
Writing case reports for a bioethics journal: Simplified
Thorakkal Shamim
October-December 2019, 13(4):393-394
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_161_19  PMID:31572097
  3,327 127 -
Comparative study of fiber-optic guided tracheal intubation through intubating laryngeal mask airway LMA Fastrach™ and i-gel in adult paralyzed patients
Suvidha Sood, Anupriya Saxena, Anil Thakur, Shikha Chahar
October-December 2019, 13(4):290-294
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_707_18  PMID:31572071
  3,043 277 1
Comparison of ultrasound-guided versus conventional palpatory method of dorsalis pedis artery cannulation: A randomized controlled trial
Rahul Kumar Anand, Souvik Maitra, Bikas Ranjan Ray, Dalim Kumar Baidhya, Puneet Khanna, Sumit Roy Chowdhury, Rajeshwari Subramaniam
October-December 2019, 13(4):295-298
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_766_18  PMID:31572072
  2,840 253 3
Analgesia nociception index and hemodynamic changes during skull pin application for supratentorial craniotomies in patients receiving scalp block versus pin-site infiltration: A randomized controlled trial
Kaushic A Theerth, Kamath Sriganesh, Dhritiman Chakrabarti, K R Madhusudan Reddy, G S Umamaheswara Rao
October-December 2019, 13(4):306-311
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_812_18  PMID:31572074
  2,648 247 2
Effect of magnesium and lignocaine on post-craniotomy pain: A comparative, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study
Charu Mahajan, Rajeeb Kumar Mishra, Bhagya Ranjan Jena, Indu Kapoor, Hemanshu Prabhakar, Girija Prasad Rath, Arvind Chaturvedi
October-December 2019, 13(4):299-305
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_837_18  PMID:31572073
  2,632 197 -
Novel block and new indication: Ultrasound-guided continuous “mid-point transverse process to pleura” block in a patient with multiple rib fractures
Rashmi Syal, Rakesh Kumar, Manoj Kamal, Pradeep Bhatia
October-December 2019, 13(4):365-367
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_773_18  PMID:31572085
  2,578 233 10
Wilson disease – Challenge for safe anesthesia!
Arminder Kaur, Kewal K Gupta, Gagan Deep, Simpkia Thakur
October-December 2019, 13(4):384-385
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_12_19  PMID:31572091
  2,496 131 -
Thoracic paravertebral and erector spinae plane block: A cadaveric study demonstrating different site of injections and similar destinations
Sandeep Diwan, Rajendra Garud, Abhijit Nair
October-December 2019, 13(4):399-401
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_339_19  PMID:31572102
  2,360 199 11
Comparative evaluation of forced air warming and infusion of amino acid–enriched solution on intraoperative hypothermia in patients undergoing head and neck cancer surgeries: A prospective randomised study
Nishkarsh Gupta, Sachidanand Jee Bharti, Vinod Kumar, Rakesh Garg, Seema Mishra, Sushma Bhatnagar
October-December 2019, 13(4):318-324
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_839_18  PMID:31572076
  2,388 169 1
A comprehensive analysis of patient satisfaction with anesthesia
Elena Sinbukhova, Andrey Lubnin
October-December 2019, 13(4):332-337
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_249_19  PMID:31572078
  2,124 197 2
Interscalene plexus block and general anesthesia in Brugada syndrome
Monica Nunes Ferreira, Sara Fontes, Humberto Machado
October-December 2019, 13(4):371-373
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_47_19  PMID:31572087
  2,140 137 -
Anesthetic management of stab wound in right ventricle of heart
Muhammad Saad Yousuf, Hameed Ullah
October-December 2019, 13(4):356-358
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_2_19  PMID:31572082
  2,029 150 1
Recurrent asystole during laryngoscopy – A nightmare for the anesthesiologists
Stalin Vinayagam, Sangeeta Dhanger
October-December 2019, 13(4):362-364
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_6_19  PMID:31572084
  1,945 168 -
Acute baroreflex-mediated hemodynamic instability during thyroid surgery: A case report
Eun Kyung Choi, Hyojin Kwon, Suyong Park
October-December 2019, 13(4):368-370
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_76_19  PMID:31572086
  1,937 127 1
Epinephrine-induced electrical storm after aortic surgery
Adam L Weinstein, Neal S Gerstein, Josh I Santos, Peter M Schulman
October-December 2019, 13(4):359-361
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_745_18  PMID:31572083
  1,913 144 -
Airway management of palatoglossal bands – A challenge to an anaesthesiologist
Vandana Pandey, Vaishali Waindeskar, Rishi Katiyar, Sanjay Agrawal
October-December 2019, 13(4):338-339
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_677_18  PMID:31572079
  1,810 154 -
Triton sponge and canister app for estimating surgical blood loss
Abhijit S Nair, Vibhavari Naik, Narahari Busa, Basanth K Rayani
October-December 2019, 13(4):390-391
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_38_19  PMID:31572095
  1,793 157 -
Perioperative myocardial infarction in a young adult after percutaneous nephrolithotomy
Rajnish Kumar, Ravi Vishnu Prasad, Vinod Kumar Verma
October-December 2019, 13(4):374-376
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_813_18  PMID:31572088
  1,815 116 -
Transversus abdominus blocks instead of general anesthesia in a child
Faris AlGhamdi, Mohammad AlSuhebani, Joseph D Tobias
October-December 2019, 13(4):377-380
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_433_19  PMID:31572089
  1,786 143 3
Ultrasound guided selective upper trunk block for clavicle surgery
Palanichamy Gurumoorthi, Tuhin Mistry, Kartik B Sonawane, Senthilkumar Balasubramanian
October-December 2019, 13(4):394-395
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_134_19  PMID:31572098
  1,700 156 5
Retraction: Comparative study of mid-thoracic spinal versus epidural anesthesia for open nephrectomy in patients with obstructive/restrictive lung disease: A randomized controlled study

October-December 2019, 13(4):402-402
DOI:10.4103/1658-354X.188620  PMID:31572103
  1,573 172 -
Modified erector spinae block for modified radical mastectomy: A novel technique
Amarjeet Kumar, Chandni Sinha, Ajeet Kumar, Poonam Kumari
October-December 2019, 13(4):395-396
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_266_19  PMID:31572099
  1,505 128 -
‘Fibreoptic in Tracheal Lumen’ (FIT) technique: A novel real-time double-lumen tube placement technique with fiberoptic bronchoscope
Lakesh K Anand, Manpreet Singh, Jasveer Singh, Dheeraj Kapoor
October-December 2019, 13(4):388-389
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_821_18  PMID:31572094
  1,445 123 1
Misdiagnosis of severe aortic stenosis instead of severe eccentric mitral regurgitation: Possible causes and ways for prevention
Ajay Kumar, Kumar Rajanikant, Sundar Negi, Ankush Singla
October-December 2019, 13(4):391-393
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_92_19  PMID:31572096
  1,432 132 -
Syncope during application of stereotactic head frame. Possible etiologies during an otherwise innocuous procedure
Rudrashish Haldar, Manish Kumar Singh, Shweta Chitranshi
October-December 2019, 13(4):385-387
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_13_19  PMID:31572092
  1,403 89 -
Regarding the paper published ‘Ultrasound-guided lumbar transforaminal injection through interfacet approach’
Preeti Soni, Jyotsna Punj
October-December 2019, 13(4):398-399
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_465_19  PMID:31572101
  1,278 93 -
Neuromuscular blockade: The importance of T.O.F. (Think outside the frame!)
Felice Eugenio Agrò, Giuseppe Pascarella, Chiara Piliego
October-December 2019, 13(4):387-388
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_21_19  PMID:31572093
  34 19 1