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   2020| January-March  | Volume 14 | Issue 1  
    Online since January 6, 2020

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Review of adjuvants to local anesthetics in peripheral nerve blocks: Current and future trends
GV Krishna Prasad, Sangeeta Khanna, Sharma Vipin Jaishree
January-March 2020, 14(1):77-84
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_423_19  PMID:31998024
  5,282 533 12
Post-operative analgesia techniques after total knee arthroplasty: A narrative review
GV Krishna Prasad
January-March 2020, 14(1):85-90
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_494_19  PMID:31998025
  5,109 339 4
Perioperative myocardial injury and infarction following non-cardiac surgery: A review of the eclipsed epidemic
Rohan Magoon, Neeti Makhija, Devishree Das
January-March 2020, 14(1):91-99
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_499_19  PMID:31998026
  4,810 402 3
Efficacy of single-shot ultrasound-guided erector spinae plane block for postoperative analgesia after mastectomy: A randomized controlled study
Suresh Seelam, Abhijit S Nair, Asiel Christopher, Omkar Upputuri, Vibhavari Naik, Basanth Kumar Rayani
January-March 2020, 14(1):22-27
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_260_19  PMID:31998015
  2,897 303 13
Prone cardiopulmonary resuscitation in elderly undergoing posterior spinal fusion with laminectomy
Mohammed K Al Harbi, Khaled A Alattas, Muhanad Alnajar, Muneera F Albuthi
January-March 2020, 14(1):123-126
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_165_19  PMID:31998035
  2,960 197 4
Leadership and organizational performance: Is it essential in healthcare systems improvement? A review of literature
Nada Moustafa Ibrahim Al-Habib
January-March 2020, 14(1):69-76
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_288_19  PMID:31998023
  2,783 263 3
Ultrasound is a reliable and faster tool for confirmation of endotracheal intubation compared to chest auscultation and capnography when performed by novice anaesthesia residents - A prospective controlled clinical trial
Apala Roy Chowdhury, Jyotsna Punj, R Pandey, V Darlong, Renu Sinha, D Bhoi
January-March 2020, 14(1):15-21
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_180_19  PMID:31998014
  2,485 238 4
Prevalence of postoperative nausea and vomiting: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Mehrbanoo Amirshahi, Niaz Behnamfar, Mahin Badakhsh, Hosein Rafiemanesh, Khadije Rezaie Keikhaie, Mahmood Sheyback, Mahdeh Sari
January-March 2020, 14(1):48-56
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_401_19  PMID:31998020
  2,397 248 10
Goal-directed fluid therapy using transoesophageal echocardiographic inferior venacaval index in patients with low left ventricular ejection fraction undergoing major cytoreductive surgery: A clinical trial
Shagun Bhatia Shah, Ajay Kumar Bhargava, Uma Hariharan, Chamound Rai Jain, Anita Kulkarni, Namrata Gupta
January-March 2020, 14(1):7-14
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_215_19  PMID:31998013
  2,074 162 1
Adductor canal blockade versus continuous epidural analgesia after total knee joint replacement: A retrospective cohort study
Khalid A Alsheikh, Ahmed S Alkhelaifi, Mohammed K Alharbi, Faisal A Alhabradi, Faisal A Alzahrani, Abdulrahman A Alsalim, Ali A Alhandi, Arwa K Aldosary
January-March 2020, 14(1):38-43
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_354_19  PMID:31998018
  2,066 155 3
Anesthetic management of dilated cardiomyopathy for cesarean section: A case report
Nawaf A Bin Suhaym, Etedal Aamri
January-March 2020, 14(1):120-122
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_456_19  PMID:31998034
  1,959 191 -
Impact of maxillary teeth morphology on the failure rate of local anesthesia
Giath Gazal, Esam Omar, Wamiq M Fareed, Ali Alsharif, Rayan Bahabri
January-March 2020, 14(1):57-62
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_542_19  PMID:31998021
  1,852 162 1
Adductor canal block: Effect of volume of injectate on sciatic extension
Khaireddine Raddaoui, Mohamed Radhouani, Abderahmen Bargaoui, Oussama Nasri, Karima Zoghlami, Emna Trigui, Olfa Kaabachi
January-March 2020, 14(1):33-37
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_410_19  PMID:31998017
  1,748 126 3
A unique case of hoarseness of voice following left supraclavicular brachial plexus block
Shagufta Naaz, Adil Asghar, Nandan K Jha, Erum Ozair
January-March 2020, 14(1):109-111
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_440_19  PMID:31998030
  1,756 103 -
Factors impacting anesthesiology residents in Saudi Arabia when they are planning their future
Abdulaleem Alatassi, Hesham Albabtain, Aljazi Alrashid, Maryam Almaidan, Ahmed Haroun Mahmoud
January-March 2020, 14(1):1-6
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_123_19  PMID:31998012
  1,613 166 -
Serratus anterior plane block: Anatomical landmark-guided technique
Hetal Kumar Vadera, Tuhin Mistry, Brajesh Kumar Ratre
January-March 2020, 14(1):134-135
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_540_19  PMID:31998041
  1,475 242 -
Epidural administration of ropivacaine and its effects on the pharmacodynamics of rocuronium: Randomized controlled trial. Interaction between ropivacaine and rocuronium
Fernando Eduardo F Junqueira, Angelica Fatima A Braga, Vanessa Henriques Carvalho, Franklin S S. Braga, Carla J. B. L. Ribeiro, Ana P C. Fernandez, Filipe N C. Santos
January-March 2020, 14(1):63-68
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_493_19  PMID:31998022
  1,577 100 -
Bilateral vocal cord paralysis during emergence from general anesthesia in a patient with Parkinson's disease
Ji-il Kim, Deok-hee Lee, Hyuckgoo Kim
January-March 2020, 14(1):112-114
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_515_19  PMID:31998031
  1,550 101 -
Spontaneous adrenal hemorrhage and preeclampsia: A case report
Ibrahim Abushoshah
January-March 2020, 14(1):117-119
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_550_19  PMID:31998033
  1,397 112 -
Spinal anesthesia is a viable option for emergent laparoscopic procedure in high-risk patients
Alessandro De Cassai, Francesco Bertoncello, Christelle Correale, Ludovica Sandei
January-March 2020, 14(1):115-116
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_468_19  PMID:31998032
  1,359 116 2
A case of extensive epidural anesthesia with ultrasound-guided thoracolumbar interfascial plane block technique
Danxu Ma, Min Guo, Xueyang Li, Yun Wang
January-March 2020, 14(1):137-138
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_291_18  PMID:31998043
  1,393 82 -
Ultrasound-guided thoracic erector spinae plane block: A modified transverse approach
Santosh Kumar Sharma, Tuhin Mistry, Shahbaz Ahmed
January-March 2020, 14(1):142-143
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_624_19  PMID:31998046
  1,366 107 -
Our experience with anesthetic management of conjoined twins' separation surgery
Amber Rawat, Richa Rai, Anil K Paswan, Vaibhav Pandey
January-March 2020, 14(1):100-103
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_142_19  PMID:31998027
  1,337 123 -
Ensuring safe journey of QL catheter: Problem rectified!
Sandeep Diwan, Medha Kulkarni, Narendra Kulkarni, Abhijit Nair
January-March 2020, 14(1):128-129
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_480_19  PMID:31998037
  1,328 90 -
Not everything is as it seems
Ghansham Biyani, Anand M Sardesai, Lee Van Rensburg
January-March 2020, 14(1):104-106
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_412_19  PMID:31998028
  1,316 83 -
Successful use of Transversalis fascia plane block for iliac crest bone harvesting in a Polytrauma patient – A case report
Swati Singh, Swati Singh, Manisha Sharma
January-March 2020, 14(1):107-108
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_403_19  PMID:31998029
  1,280 98 -
Comparison of injection pain in pediatric population; original versus generic rocuronium
Fumio Watanabe, Hiromi Kako, Mitsunori Miyazu
January-March 2020, 14(1):44-47
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_338_19  PMID:31998019
  1,263 97 1
Variability in risk tolerance and adherence to guidelines in “go or no-go” decisions among anesthetists in Saudi Arabia
Sara M Alkassimi, Razan A Habib, Abeer A Arab, Abdulaziz M Boker
January-March 2020, 14(1):28-32
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_281_19  PMID:31998016
  1,258 84 -
Subclavian artery stenosis: A reason for possible medication error
Chandrakant Prasad, Subodh Kumar, Charu Mahajan
January-March 2020, 14(1):132-134
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_460_19  PMID:31998040
  1,242 79 -
Formation of air bubbles during blood warming with Astotherm plus™
Pallavi Bloria, Ankur Luthra, Rajeev Chauhan, Ketan Kataria, Summit Dev Bloria
January-March 2020, 14(1):127-128
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_415_19  PMID:31998036
  1,218 84 -
Agenesis of vocal cords in a child diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange syndrome: Time to relook or “time will tell”
P Bhaskar Rao, Snigdha Bellapukonda, Sunil K Rout, Ratnakar Singamsetty
January-March 2020, 14(1):136-137
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_576_19  PMID:31998042
  1,210 92 -
Erratum: Sufentanil sublingual tablet system (Zalviso®) as an effective analgesic option after thoracic surgery: An observational study

January-March 2020, 14(1):145-145
DOI:10.4103/1658-354X.275126  PMID:31998048
  1,211 86 -
Comment on a published article: Too much of anything is bad: An unusual case of a stuck endotracheal tube with deflated cuff
Akhil Kumar, Amitabh Dutta, Jayashree Sood
January-March 2020, 14(1):130-130
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_490_19  PMID:31998038
  1,199 74 1
Failure of PECS 2 block and a numb hand!!
Medha Kulkarni, Sandeep Diwan, Abhijit Nair
January-March 2020, 14(1):139-140
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_587_19  PMID:31998044
  1,178 89 -
Regarding the paper published “Erector spinae plane block: Anatomical landmark-guided technique”
Deepti Ahuja, Sachidanand J Bharati
January-March 2020, 14(1):140-141
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_618_19  PMID:31998045
  1,156 87 1
Indigenous technique for continuous perineural catheter insertion and our regime for continuous adductor canal blocks
Anju Gupta, Saveena Raheja, Amita Gupta
January-March 2020, 14(1):131-132
DOI:10.4103/sja.SJA_484_19  PMID:31998039
  1,112 79 -
Retraction: Analgesic properties of dexmedetomidine infusion after uvulopalatopharyngoplasty in patients with obstructive sleep apnea

January-March 2020, 14(1):144-144
DOI:10.4103/1658-354X.275094  PMID:31998047
  889 112 -