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   2022| April-June  | Volume 16 | Issue 2  
    Online since March 17, 2022

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Continuous bilateral transversus thoracis muscle plane block in median sternotomy
Poonam Kumari, Amarjeet Kumar, Chandni Sinha, Ajeet Kumar, P Saravanan, Shuchi Smita
April-June 2022, 16(2):255-256
  1 472 68
Optic nerve ultrasound and cardiopulmonary bypass: A pilot study
Mayuko Wakimoto, Joseph H Patrick, Yoshikazu Yamaguchi, Catherine Roth, Marco Corridore, Joseph D Tobias
April-June 2022, 16(2):188-193
  1 888 164
Combined pericapsular nerve group and lateral femoral cutaneous nerve blocks for hip fracture in a polytraumatized patient—A case report
Juri Valoriani, Duccio Conti, Lara Gianesello, Vittorio Pavoni
April-June 2022, 16(2):211-213
  - 814 185
Extremely low bispectral index value during robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy: A case report
Takuo Hoshi
April-June 2022, 16(2):214-216
  - 651 117
Perioperative total intravenous anesthesia in a child with Walker-Warburg syndrome: A case report
Wadeeah Bahaziq, Ahmed R Hassan, Majd Y Jubili, Abdulaziz Boker
April-June 2022, 16(2):217-220
  - 607 177
Preemptive pericapsular nerve group block to facilitate sitting position for neuraxial anesthesia in patients with acetabular fractures: A case series
Tuhin Mistry, Kartik Sonawane, Apurva Raghuvanshi, Jagannathan Balavenkatasubramanian, Palanichamy Gurumoorthi
April-June 2022, 16(2):221-225
  - 1,637 156
Supraglottic airway device and venoarterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation support for curative surgery in a patient with huge thyroid mass: A case report
Eun Kyung Choi, Do Young Kim, Jun Oh Kim
April-June 2022, 16(2):226-228
  - 502 111
Fluoroscopic-guided erector spinae plane block for spine surgery
Eric Kim, Abdalhai Alshoubi
April-June 2022, 16(2):229-231
  - 640 123
Ultrasound-guided bilateral infraclavicular brachial plexus block: A report of three cases
Abdulhakim Şengel, Selçuk Seçilmiş
April-June 2022, 16(2):232-235
  - 258 102
Ultrasound-guided sacral multifidus plane block for sacral spine surgery: A case report
Tuhin Mistry, Kartik Sonawane, Senthilkumar Balasubramanian, Jagannathan Balavenkatasubramanian, Vipin K Goel
April-June 2022, 16(2):236-239
  - 1,331 140
Anesthetic challenges in bilateral pheochromocytoma with history of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA): A case report and literature review
Anil K Bhiwal, Naveen C Patidar, Aanal S Vyas, Ravina R Bhokan
April-June 2022, 16(2):240-242
  - 678 120
Cricoarytenoid subluxation presenting as vocal cord palsy following endotracheal intubation – A case report
Ravi Saravanan, Mahesh Parameshwaran, Krishnamurthy Nivedita, Krishnamoorthy Karthik
April-June 2022, 16(2):243-245
  - 582 107
Seizure following general anesthesia for cystoscopy and urethral dilatation: A case report
Ahmed Sabry Elbashary, Khaloud A Alshwairikh, Raed Almaanie, Adel Alhazzani, Abdullah Alsufyani, Abdullah Almousa, Majed Alotaibi, Abdelazeem A Eldawlatly
April-June 2022, 16(2):246-248
  - 584 100
Tapia's syndrome: An unanticipated airway complication
Ravindra Chauhan, U Anushaprasath, Manbir Kaur, Swati Chhabra
April-June 2022, 16(2):249-250
  - 480 95
Emergency airway management in COVID-19 patients and risk to healthcare workers: A low-middle income country data from the intubate COVID registry
Faisal Shamim, Mohsin Nazir, Naseem A Sheikh, Asma Salam, Badar Afzal
April-June 2022, 16(2):251-252
  - 440 67
Continuous erector spinae plane block in paediatric patient undergoing thoracotomy surgery
Poonam Kumari, Amarjeet Kumar, Chandni Sinha, Ajeet Kumar, Subhajit Ghosh
April-June 2022, 16(2):253-254
  - 530 98
Anaesthetizing post laryngectomy patient: Unique challenges
Nisha Jain, Manpreet Kaur, S Gurudarshan, Prayosikta Lenka
April-June 2022, 16(2):254-255
  - 482 76
Quality of a randomized-controlled trial- how to assess and improve reporting?
Abhijit Nair
April-June 2022, 16(2):257-258
  - 460 90
Ciprofol- a game changing intravenous anesthetic or another experimental drug!
Abhijit Nair, Suresh Seelam
April-June 2022, 16(2):258-259
  - 1,466 139
Central venous catheterization in a patient with double right internal jugular vein and persistent left-sided superior vena cava draining into the left atrium
Sohan Lal Solanki, Mihika J Divatia, Kunal Gala, Jigeeshu V Divatia
April-June 2022, 16(2):260-261
  - 604 107
Reflections on: “Is intranasal dexmedetomidine superior to oral chloral hydrate for procedural sedation in children: A systematic review”
Raghuraman M Sethuraman
April-June 2022, 16(2):261-262
  - 401 72
Spinal ultrasound for lumbar puncture in infants: To see or not to see
Ramón Eizaga Rebollar, Patricia Martín Falcón, Beatriz Gómez Tapia, Luis Miguel Torres Morera
April-June 2022, 16(2):262-264
  - 438 76
The feasibility of ROX index to predict intubation in patients initiated on high-flow oxygenation
Abhijit Nair, Antonio Esquinas
April-June 2022, 16(2):264-265
  - 456 66
Bilateral ultrasound-guided continuous cervical erector spinae plane block in suboccipital craniotomy
Amarjeet Kumar, Ajeet Kumar, Chandni Sinha, Vikas Chandra Jha, Gayatri D Sagdeo
April-June 2022, 16(2):266-267
  - 470 85
HACOR score to predict failure of non-invasive ventilation in patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure: When simplicity is best
Abhijit Nair, Antonio Esquinas
April-June 2022, 16(2):267-268
  - 780 110
Calcitonin as an alternative in pain management- present status
Abhijit Nair
April-June 2022, 16(2):269-270
  - 509 80
Anesthesia for triggered electromyography-guided cord detethering in a three-month-old infant
Balaji Vaithialingam
April-June 2022, 16(2):270-271
  - 528 74
Dr. Mohammed El Gammal MD 8th November 1951–25th January 2022
Ali Al Shoaiby
April-June 2022, 16(2):272-273
  - 311 71
The use of mandibular nerve block in unilateral mandibular fracture to evaluate the mouth opening for assessment of airway
Mukesh Kumar Prasad, Payal Jain, Alauddin Alam, Rohit Kumar Varshnay, Kanchan Rani, Amit Kumar Chaudhary
April-June 2022, 16(2):194-199
  - 724 172
Use of EMLA cream for skin anesthesia and epidural insertion in the patients with cesarean delivery: A prospective double-blind randomized clinical trial
Katsushi Doi, Yoko Ueda, Noritaka Imamachi
April-June 2022, 16(2):145-149
  - 1,201 334
Non-intubated general anesthesia in prone position for advanced biliopancreatic therapeutic endoscopy: A single tertiary referral center experience
Valentina Melis, Cristalli Aldo, Lorenzo Dioscoridi, Sergio Arlati, Pietro Molinari, Marcello Cintolo, Francesco Pugliese, Giulia Bonato, Edoardo Forti, Mutignani Massimiliano
April-June 2022, 16(2):150-155
  - 1,114 212
Effect of preemptive intramuscular diclofenac on minimal effective-dose bupivacaine saddle block for minor perianal surgeries
Roshdi R Al-metwalli, Alaa M Khidr, Summayah M Fallata, Hitham M A. Elsayed
April-June 2022, 16(2):156-160
  - 726 131
Comparison of continuous preperitoneal infiltration versus patient controlled analgesia for pain control in elective colorectal surgery
Ng Li Hwee, Teh Jin Zhe, Tan Jih Huei, Henry Tan Chor Lip, Elyaraitul Nadia Bt Rahim, Ivan Ho Khor Ee, Hanis Maisarah Ismail, Raymond Lim Zhun Ming, Jothinathan Muniandy, Chan Koon Khee, Tan Lin Jun, Omar Sulaiman
April-June 2022, 16(2):161-165
  - 785 121
Vertebral column length and abdominal girth as predictors for cephalad spread of intrathecal hyperbaric bupivacaine: A prospective observational study
Chanchal Nigam, Asha Tyagi, Shuchi Bhatt, Mahendra Kumar
April-June 2022, 16(2):166-171
  - 1,006 187
Can ACS-NSQIP score be used to predict postoperative mortality in Saudi population?
Anwar U Huda, Mohammad Yasir, Nasrullah Sheikh, Asad Z Khan
April-June 2022, 16(2):172-175
  - 585 117
Perioperative anesthetic concerns in postcovid mucormycosis patients posted for surgical intervention: An observational Study
Shilpi Misra, Shivani Rastogi, Deepak Malviya, Rachana Gupta, Sandeep K Yadav, Sharif Alam
April-June 2022, 16(2):176-181
  - 961 176
Comparison of the effectiveness of intravenous fentanyl versus caudal epidural in neonates undergoing tracheoesophageal fistula surgeries
Saraswathi Nagappa, Sandhya Kalappa, HN Vijayakumar, HN Nethra
April-June 2022, 16(2):182-187
  - 732 149
Emerging mucormycosis posing threat to community: Anesthetist's perspective in a tertiary care center
Shilpa Goyal, Ankur Sharma, Nikhil Kothari, Amit Goyal
April-June 2022, 16(2):200-203
  - 567 100
Publish or perish, information overload, and journal impact factors – A conflicting tripod of forces
Victor Grech
April-June 2022, 16(2):204-207
  - 884 179
Road map toward establishing fellowship programs in an academic anesthesia department
Abdulaziz E Ahmad
April-June 2022, 16(2):208-210
  - 414 101